Ch 11 The Pill

In 1930, norethindrome wa isolated for use in the first oral contraceptive which came to be known as the pill. A more primitive form of birth control is the female hormone, progesterone. Progesterone is relesased naturally by the females’ body during pregnancy to supress ovulation, which in turn prevents a woman to get pregnant again during her first pregnancy. The only problem with this is that it was very expensive to isolate the necessary quantity of progesterone to prevent ovulation. To battle these problems, norethindrone was synthesized. Norethindrone is 8 times more powerful than progesterone and can be taken orally.
The major points that the pill, birth control, caused was that it brought on the “Free Love” movement of the 1960s. This movement was against marriage, they thought that marriage was a social bondage. The pill also brought on the womens liberation movement, which was women demanding equality. People realized that women could have jobs and that they could do more than just take care of the house and children.
A birth control that can be taken orally daily has changed a lot of things in this world. There are so many more uses for birth control than just to prevent an unplanned child, such as lower cancer risk, clearer skin, less painful periods, PMS relief and endometriosis relief. Keeping all of these uses in mind, I certainly believe that the birth contol pill’s impact on this world has become more prominent.
I do agree with the author, because he says that norethindrone (birth control) was credited for, or blamed for depending on your point of view, the womens liberation movement, rise of feminism, increased percentage of women in the workplace, and even the breakdown of the family. He also says that even though there are some disadgvantages, it has played a very important role in the large changes in society.

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3 thoughts on “Ch 11 The Pill

  1. huynhvicky

    I do agree that the birth control pill has played a large part in the world of women. Not so much in “breakdown of the family”, unkind viewpoint, but of a “we have a right to ourselves and our body” kind of viewpoint. Now sure I’m a girl, but that shouldn’t matter anyways. It’s nice to know men agree to it, too, Jake!
    I did not know that birth control had more advantages that the obvious title and regulating periods, so that’s pretty cool to know. Lower cancer risk, huh? That’s pretty neat.
    I don’t see the negative side of the pill, so there is no need to downgrade it.
    Maybe next time, add a little more chemistry. But overall, awesome job (:

  2. dukeleiy23

    As a feminist I love the pill. Giving women the chance to choose their own fate has given rights we never would’ve had before. However the breakdown of the family seems a little unrealistic. In my eyes the breakdown of the family would be caused by an unplanned pregnancy due failure to take the pill. It seems to me that the use of such an oral contraceptive would in fact stabilize the family bond.

    I was not aware of the pill’s involvement in the “Free Love” movement. As an avid believer in Free Love this is enlightening.

  3. brookekowalski

    Awesome synopsis. It is interesting that the pill can be used for more than just birth control.

    This seems like a very contraversal subject, and I have to say I, myself am completely against any forms of birth control. It just doesn’t seem right to prevent new life from coming into the world….

    Go Catholic! 🙂

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