Glucose is an important because it is a large component of sugar. During the age of Exploration, sugar was one of the many things that caused and supported the slave trade. the slaves would be taken from africa across the ocean to the Americas and work in the plantations. Sugar cane farming is very labor intensive, which is why colonists felt they needed slaves. The income gained from sugar allowed many people in the americas to flourish.
Glucose is the most common simple sugars. The structure of Glucose is a straight chain where Oxygen, Hydrogen, and hydroxide molecules are attached to carbon molecules. The human brain uses glucose for energy. Neurons are dependent on a steady supply of glucose from the bloodstream for their energy. if the levels of glucose fall too low signs of brain dysfunction occur. If the levels get too low, you may fall into a coma. A chemical that is similar to glucose is fructose. They have the same chemical formula, but they are arranged in different ways.

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