Chapter 11: The Pill

The Pill. Such a tiny object yet it holds the key to endless possibilities and changes in the World. First used as a remedy for the monthly menstrual irregularity or supporting a woman during pregnancy, the pill has become so much more. This tiny, insignificant pill has been credited with being the spark that kick started feminist revolution. And as health conditions improved the infant mortality rate decreased thus increasing the need for a substance to limit childbirth. Norethindrone or the pill was the first oral contraceptive. This substance greatly differed from progesterone, which was a natural chemical released by a woman during her pregnancy in order prevent a woman to become pregnant after her first pregnancy.
A molecule such as norethindrone has revolutionized the world in such a way that all peoples of the world are affected. Women’s rights have recently been a controversial topic in the Middle East. Although American women were finally given our rights in the early 19th century multiple countries still deny women the rights they are rightfully given as a human being. Such ignorance strengthens the fight for women’s rights and shows how blind people can be to the rights of another HUMAN BEING. This small molecule, which is now taken for granted, has played the largest role in allowing women the right to choose whether or not to reproduce.
The author and I seem to have the same mindset when it comes to the pill. The molecule gives women a choice whether or not they want to raise a family or run a country. The pill has done nothing but good for the women of the world. It sparked a flame that grew into a raging fire the spread like wild fire across the globe. The pill gave women the courage to stand up and say, “I have rights! I am not just an object!”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 11: The Pill

  1. elissabowman

    I completely agree that the pill has done a lot of good. It can be used for other health reasons as well preventing pregnancy. However, I think the pill has given some teens the idea that it’s okay to be careless because now there is more prevention. This was a great blog though!

  2. kaminicki97

    i love your voice in this! i could see you yelling this out in class one day. It is a really good post, but i also agree with Elissa in that it has given people a false idea.

  3. gracehstafford

    I love reading your opinion Jade, you’re so strong with what you believe. I have to disagree with Kami and Elissa however because the pill is not the only contraceptive, so it should not take the full or even any of the blame for installing such a belief, as they said. This was a very well-written post!

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