Update for Honors Chemistry 2014

Welcome to Mr. Lambert’s blog, Honors Chem students!  This is how you will post your work to the blog.  Practice logging in and posting comments now.  Remember that your classmates and teacher will see what you post.

If you need help please ask Mr. Lambert or Mrs. Eisemann for assistance.

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24 thoughts on “Update for Honors Chemistry 2014

  1. ha! first comment!


  3. Hello, Im the best.

  4. This is Garrett Ladd

  5. Enter your comment here…

  6. Hi I’m Jaysshon

  7. Hi, I am Alana. (:

  8. Hi, I am Neesa.

  9. Yay! I figured this out which is impressive since technology and me don’t always see eye to monitor.

  10. Hi, it’s Autumn

  11. ambermiller1

    Hi this is Amber Miller from your seventh period

  12. This is Garrett Ladd

  13. angelakeele

    Je voudrais du chocolat.

  14. Bonjour! Comment cava? J’aime
    le chemie! et toi?

  15. This is Casey Kowalski

  16. piperrennerfeldt


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