Chapter 2: Ascorbic Acid By:Isabella Barnett

Isabella Barnett

Ascorbic acid has been influential in so many ways to the progression of history as we know it. The Age of Discovery was threatened by the lack of this molecule. Without it, traveling the seas in search of new lands was very hard and many died as a result. To think one molecule could make such an impact on the world is astonishing. Ascorbic acid is better known as vitamin C and without it sailors were very susceptible to many illnesses, especially scurvy. Scurvy is an ancient disease that causes exhaustion, weakness, swelling of arms and legs, excessive bruising, lung and kidney problems, and so many other horrible symptoms. A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables can lead to this painful, life-threatening illness. As journeying further out to sea became easier, with better ships and such, dietary problems arose. Keeping food dry and mold-free as well as using fire to…

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Ascorbic Acid By:Isabella Barnett

  1. angelakeele

    Good point about its influence! It doesn’t have to still be causing major problems like it did in the past, but the fact that it is so vital to life (according to the RDA) is reason enough for it to have remained so important. I love that you mentioned the elderly population as the fact that without it, the world would be such a different place. All your points were spot on and helped to support your argument about the impact of ascorbic acid.

  2. angelakeele

    *and the fact that without ascorbic acid…

  3. Your essay was analyzed really well and- wow. You did a fantastic job of explaining the historical importance of ascorbic acid and of connecting that importance to situations today. Also the chemical information was explained really clearly and thoroughly. I couldn’t find any flaws in the content as well as the writing and your point was so convincing I can’t think of a different opinion that could possibly exist besides yours. Really good job!

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