Chapter 3: Glucose- Matt Reasor


What is Glucose?

Glucose is a main component of sucrose, which is more commonly referred to as sugar. Sugar has many variations, such as brown sugar, castor sugar, and demerara sugar. It can come from many sources, including from sugar canes and from sugar beets. In tropical regions, sugar is usually obtained from sugar cane, while in temperate regions sugar is usually obtained from sugar beets. The Glucose molecule is quite small considering how great of an impact it makes on sugar. It is composed of six carbon atoms, six oxygen atoms, and twelve hydrogen atoms, with a chemical formula of C6H12O6. It is a carbohydrate, and it is categorized as a simple sugar due to its minuscule molecular size. The atoms in Glucose are arranged in a spatial pattern, much like the atoms of many common spice molecules, which results in leaving a sweet taste in ones mouth. Theā€¦

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Glucose- Matt Reasor

  1. This was a really good summary. There was an even balance between info on the chemistry and the history of glucose and each is quite thoroughly explained. Your reasoning in your opinion was very well thought out and the way you explained it got rid of any bias so I knew this essay was legit. I really found no big issues. I was so blown away by your demonstration of your massive intelligence, I shed a single tear as I read it.

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