Ch. 8: Isoprene

It’s hard to imagine a world without Isoprene, more commonly known as rubber. From elastic in our clothes to tires on our cars, Isoprene has played, and continues to play, a vital role in our lives today. The molecular formula of Isoprene is C5H8. and natural rubber is a polymer of Isoprene. Natural rubber is formed when Isoprene molecules link together in an end-to end fashion. This polymerization of the Isoprene molecules results in the formation of double bonds called cis double bonds. This is only one of the two types of the bonds that exist in rubber, The second type of bond in rubber is called a trans structure. Trans bonds have a continuous carbon chain that crosses from one side of the bond to the other. 

The uses of rubber have proved to be important for a long time. Ever since the indian tribes of the amazon used rubber to make bouncy balls for family fun, rubber has made a huge impact on history.Christopher Columbus came back to the New World for the second time, he was urged to take some of this interesting substance back with him. This is when isoprene truly gained publicity. Charles Marie de La Condamine was the first to investigate this stipulating molecule and find if it had a real use for society other than making fun games for families. Now we know that it most definitely has played an important part in history along with the modern world. 

In my opinion, rubber plays a bigger role in society now than it did in the past. When rubber was first introduced it was simply used to make fun balls and to help towards reducing the tackiness of tar. Now we need it for the tires on our cars, erasers on our pencils, and elastic in our clothing. These are just a few of the uses we use rubber for today, so I believe it is inevitable that it plays a bigger role today compared to in the past. I think the authors argument is very valid and he backs it up well. We share the belief that rubber is more important in today’s world, but he provides key examples of how it was useful in the past as well. Overall, I agree with the author in that rubber has played a great role in history along with its immense to contribution the world today. 

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3 thoughts on “Ch. 8: Isoprene

  1. Before reading this I did not think that rubber was that important. Now, due to your amazing blog, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel……and that light is made of rubber. Overall your blog did a good knob at covering most of the history and chem behind rubber.

  2. Very well done! You summarized the chapter really well and balanced chemistry and history, met all blog requirements, good job. I definitely agree that rubber is incredibly useful in today’s society even though a lot of people might not see it.

  3. You did an amazing job in putting together the information in a clean and easy to read summary! Rubber, in my eyes, ” has played a great role in history.”

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