Oleic Acid

Olive oil was used for cosmetic purposes. Greeks and Romans rubbed the oil into their skin after bathing. Athletes use the oil to keep muscles supple. Women used the oil to keep their skin looking young and to keep their hair shiny. Olive oil was thought to help baldness. Greek physicians used olive oil to help with nausea. The leaves of the olive oil tree were used to reduce fevers. These leaves had salicylic acid which was used in the development of aspirin. Democritus believed a man with a diet of olive oil and honey can make him live to be a hundred years old.

Fats and oils are closely related in chemistry. There is only a small difference. Olive oil is a triglyceride. It has 18 carbons. Triglycerides goes through a process called saponification and produces glycerol and three molecules of soap.

Olive oil is valuable in the Mediterranean area. Olive oil is a major export from the Mediterranean.

I agree with the author in this chapter. I think olive oil has impacted our history. Even today olive oil is used every day for cooking, massaging oils, and fragrances.

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4 thoughts on “Oleic Acid

  1. Neesa, because i am your friend i can say this, but you needed more information! How am i supposed to know that olive oil won’t kill me unless you tell me!? And you used almost all simple sentances, you have to change it up!

  2. This was kind of lacking some information I would have really liked to know. Being a girl, I was very intrigued by “cosmetics” within the first sentence. I would have definitely liked to expand my knowledge on this through your blog.

  3. I thought you had some good information, but you need to elaborate a little more next time. Also, your flow was very choppy, and it made me just feel like I was being bombarded with information. Other than that, good job.

  4. I thought this could’ve definitely contained more information. there is a line between having a compact post with great information and a post that is just simply short…..

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